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Are you interested in finding a roof for events that will meet your expectations at an extraordinary level? To find the roof which will make you feel happy and joyful in a quite impressive manner  you can just act in such a way that takes into account the many possibilities that will stand before you and foremost the possibility of finding a Roof which could be considered accessible to be quite comfortable alongside so that It is one that will be perfectly equipped for the needs of the event. Events on Alma's Roof Top can be Perfect if you know to choose the right Roof.

Celebrate any event by the scenic views of Tel Aviv

No matter what event you are planning to hold. If you choose to maintain it with a roof for events in Tel Aviv which includes the right Amenities in addition to being found in an accessible place, you will see that the entire event will go in the your direction & will indeed be a successful event.
You can hold any type of event such as an intimate wedding, bar mitzvah, birthday a Brith, Happy hour or anything else and all this against the sceneries of the White City. It is recommended to make the effort & Consider all your options and you'd better Choose the right Venue from a  fairly large amount of different places where a roof will hold your event.

Alma Hotel - events on the rooftop

Located in the heart of the Telavivian "Soho" and close to Rothschild Boulevard, the new Roof top of Alma Hotel awaits your next event.
Unique, colorful, urban and modular. Whether it is a private and intimate wedding, business event or launch of a new album or Website, "Alma" Hotel's staff is available to create the ultimate experience.
Hotel Alma will be able to provide you the experience and acceptance of it by so you can enjoy everything imaginable. Starting indulgent drinks bar staff to waiters who know exactly how to provide the guests of the event and in an extraordinary way, she's got one that does not compromise at all. So what are you waiting for?
Want to hold your event on the roof and enjoy the dreamlike atmosphere and without compromise? Roof events in Tel Aviv will be best held if you choose at "Alma Hotel". You will find a variety of leisure alternatives in a festive atmosphere on the roof top. Your event could be perfect, guests will enjoy a memorable event
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