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Among Boutique Hotels Tel Aviv, the Alma Hotel Shines

Among Boutique Hotels Tel Aviv, the Alma Hotel Shines

It all began in 1925. The Alma Hotel made its debut in Tel Aviv. The building, which was designed by the architect Dov Tchendovski, was revived in 2012 by the architect Ari Shaltiel. The building is just one of the varying architectural styles that are represented in the city including classical, modernist, and Art Deco designs. However, among boutique hotels in Tel Aviv, the Alma Hotel shines in terms of overall curb appeal and location.


Other Boutique Hotels in Tel Aviv Do Not Offer the Same Level of Luxury

Spending time in Boutique hotels Tel Aviv Style is made more special when you can savor the luxury that is provided by the Alma Hotel and Lounge. This property, when compared to other hotels, features one-of-a-kind amenities. For example, you cannot go to another boutique hotel in the city and relax on the rooftop.


Plus, you cannot find the kind of lavish furnishing in other Tel Aviv boutique hotels. For instance, the Alva Hotel boasts eight executive suites and seven elegantly attired deluxe rooms. If you opt to stay in an executive suite, you will be greeted by a striking urban view from your balcony. Or, if you choose to stay in a deluxe room, you will be rewarded with a spacious accommodation where vintage-type treasures blend with sophisticated and modern furnishings.


A Preferred Location in Tel Aviv

Again, among boutique hotels in Tel Aviv, the Alma Hotel is distinguished for its preferred location. That is because the property sits in the middle of White City, a neighborhood that is noted for its charm and energizing urban atmosphere. Because of the Alma’s location, you are just a short walking distance from beaches, fine dining establishments, and boutique retail shops.

You are also in close proximity to the city’s famed and iconic Rothschild Boulevard, a tree-lined thoroughfare that is home to coffee kiosks, bikers, and dog walkers. Stop and enjoy a coffee while you people-watch. Again, you will be just a few minutes from one of the prized boutique hotels in Tel Aviv – the Alma Hotel and Lounge.



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